…to yet another vanity website. If you are browsing the web looking for cutting-edge code, you won’t find it here. This site does not use java, flash, javascript, php, ruby-on-rails, python, perl, etc. Just HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.1, by a beginner. If you are using 1024×768, you may wish to zoom a level or two smaller with cmd/ctrl-hyphen. Likewise, if the text is still too small on your 2560×1440 whopper, zoom larger with cmd/ctrl-plus. More information about how the site was created is on this page. This site went public in mid-December, 2012; changes and additions since then are reached via the ‘New’ tab on the menu. If you have general comments/questions, you can contact me at: websterwebfoot (at-sign) oh-no-not-again (dot) info. There are separate contacts, on the appropriate pages, for How to Steal a Million and GIS.

If, for some reason, you are interested in a short bio of someone you’ve never met, here it is.

My main interests include:

And then there are dinosaurs, Sherlock Holmes and Lord Peter Wimsey, early photography, launeddas, the history of technology (and the technology of history), urban transit systems, the Colorado Plateau, optical illusions, dragonflies, London…

The highlight of this site (if that is not too strong a word) is an article on the locations seen in the film How to Steal a Million—see the Movies page.

I hope that you find something of interest on these pages.

Duane Lakin-Thomas
Toronto, 2012 AD (not the absurd CE)

Triceratops, New York

My Triceratops horridus at the American Museum of Natural History, New York. Not dead, just resting.

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