I have been around cats for as long as I can remember. Never have liked dogs. Below are some photos of our current un-related pair, from two cat rescue places in Toronto, as well as our previous English cats. Long before that were tabby brothers Fleance and Osric, no photos available.


current cats

Our current cats, Miyazaki (on the right) and Kama Itachi. One striped tabby, one blotched tabby – although the previous pair were reversed, with female striped and male blotched.

Zaki waiting to play

Zaki waits next to the TV for someone to play with him. His wide-eyed stare makes it almost impossible to get a photo without his retinas glowing.

English cat Lucetta

When we moved to Toronto from England, we of course brought Lucetta and Panthino – a traumatic journey for them. Here is Lucy resting under a Toronto hedge in September 2005. Because they had been outdoor cats in Cambridge, we let them out in Toronto as well, hence the collar and license tag. Zaki and Itachi are not let out (foxes, racoons, rabbits…) so no neck annoyances (although we still buy the license!).


English cat Panthino as kitten

Panthino at around 9 weeks, shortly after we got him.

English cat Lucetta as kitten

Lucetta at around 14 weeks, shortly after we got her.

Panthino in yard

Panthino a few years later (1997) stalking through the yard. He often adopted a worried expression, seen here.

Lucetta on the couch

Lucetta grown up (1998). She used the sofa more than we did.

Panthino thinking about going out

Panthy wonders if it is worth going Outside.